Rapporter 2008/10

Gender and migration

Similarities and disparities among women and men in the immigrant population

Our intention with this report is to present immigrant-related statistics with a gender perspective. The report "Gender and Migration" gathers part of the data available on women and men with immigrant backgrounds in Norway collected by Statistics Norway. Global estimates show that women's portion of the international migration has increased in the last 40 years, and was about 50 per cent by the millennium; therefore a gender perspective is a relevant issue. Statistics relating to women and men in the immigrant population tell us something about how women and men at different ages, either themselves or their parents from foreign countries, are doing in Norway. Statistics may give us an idea of immigrant women and men's situation in Norwegian society, and in which direction developments are heading. This report provides information on significant pieces of the multifaceted picture that women and men with immigrant backgrounds represent, and compared with women and men in the total population. Four main subjects are included: demographic structure and change, education, labour market participation and childcare and cash benefit. Figures are presented in the form of comments, some illustrations, and selected tables for each chapter. The publication presents figures for immigrant women and men in general, focusing on differences within the group by country background and age. The figures are mainly given at the country level.

The most recent figures available are included, that is, mainly from the period 1990-2006, depending on the data source. Most of the results presented here have been published previously, but not collectively. The perspective or focus on gender has not been equally prominent in the ordinary statistics. The data are mainly from administrative registers collected and processed at Statistics Norway, and the sources are given in each chapter.

Gunnlaug Daugstad and Toril Sandnes have been in charge of this publication. Toril Sandnes is responsible for the chapter on demographic structure and change. Gunnlaug Daugstad has been in charge of the rest of the publication. Some tables have been specially prepared for this publication by Laila Holmen Lystad (tables on cash benefit) and Vebjørn Aalandslid (tables on reason for immigration and employment by reason for immigration). Vebjørn Aalandslid, Bjørn Olsen, Trude Fjeldseth, Kristin Henriksen and Lars Østby have given comments and advice concerning the content and presentation of this report. Liv G. Hansen and Marit Berger Gundersen have been responsible for figures and layout.

The publication is available at Statistics Norway's website; and

Acknowledgement : Ministry of Labour and Social inclusion (AID) has financed this publication.

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