Households doubled their dividends
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The Shares and capital returns statistics show which sectors receive dividends and own shares. Personal shareholders doubled their dividend incomes in 2015.

Shares and dividend payments2015, preliminary figures



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Households doubled their dividends

Households doubled their share dividend income in 2015. Men took 80 per cent of the dividend payment that went to the households.

Received dividends, by holding sector. Main figures
20152014 - 2015
NOK millionSharePer cent
Sum all holding sectors358 6481009
Non-financial corporations147 1894116
Financial corporations23 8827-9
General government35 02910-23
Non-profit institutions serving households1 65308
Households79 1832297
Rest of the world71 49520-20
Unspecified sector217078

Norwegian limited companies paid a record NOK 359 billion in dividends in 2015. Of this, NOK 79 billion went to households. This was almost twice as much compared with the previous year and must be seen in relation to a slightly higher tax on dividends for individuals as of 2016.

Men took 80 per cent

Men took NOK 65 billion of the households’ dividends in 2015, which is an increase of 98 per cent. Men in their 40s, 50s and 60s received the bulk of the dividends, with NOK 53 billion. Women received NOK 14 billion, which was an increase of 91 per cent.

Less to the general government

Norwegian corporations also benefited from higher dividend payments in 2015 and received a total of NOK 171 billion. The general government, however, saw dividend incomes go down and could thus only collect NOK 35 billion. This is a decline of 23 per cent.

NOK 71 billion went abroad

A total of NOK 71 billion, or 20 per cent of the dividend amount, went to foreign shareholders in 2015. Shareholders from the Netherlands and the UK received NOK 10 billion each, while shareholders from Sweden followed with a total of NOK 9 billion.