More and more choose electronic tax return
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The Norwegian Tax Administration - StatRes (discontinued)2013

This statistics has been discontinued. Consult the statistics Tax statistics for companies and Tax statistics for personal tax payers, together with The Norwegian Tax Administration.



More and more choose electronic tax return

In 2013, approximately 700 000 taxpayers chose to receive only an electronic tax return, which was an increase of 240 000 taxpayers or 54 per cent from 2012.

The Norwegian Tax Administration - Key Figures
2011201220132012 - 2013
Relative change
Own production (NOK million)5 0965 1955 3162.3
Contracted man-year adjusted for long term-leaves5 6215 5975 527-1.3
Activities and services
Persons with tax settlement4 357 3014 479 6864 582 1822.3
Companies with tax settlement239 995241 053256 8116.5
Processed inheritance and gift cases45 82646 33545 901-0.9
Processed people registrations in total1 650 5261 744 5552 093 51420.0
Calls to the Tax Hotline2 666 1152 193 5482 150 962-1.9
Calls to the Tax Hotline (per cent)74.673.384.014.6
Share of non-response approval of the tax return for persons65.367.169.02.8
Share of complaints on the tax assessment processed within 3 months93.286.991.14.8
Share of inheritance and gift cases processed within 6 months91.367.680.719.4
Filed police reports83485697513.9

Seven in ten wage earners and pensioners made no changes to their tax return and chose not to submit it in 2013. There was an increase in electronic submission among those who submitted tax returns, with seven out of ten wage earners and pensioners submitting electronically.

Fewer seek guidance and information

Telephone calls to the Tax Hotline are declining with the growing use of electronic solutions. The number of telephone enquiries has been falling since 2008, and 2013, with a fall of 2 per cent from the previous year, was no exception. However, the proportion of answered telephone calls rose and 83 per cent of the telephone calls concerning tax returns and tax withholding cards for wage earners and pensioners were answered.

Fewer complaints

The number of complaints about tax settlements has been decreasing every year since 2010. The Tax Administration received scarcely 80 000 complaints about tax assessments in 2013, 90 per cent of which were processed within three months.