Notater 2018/21

Cohort Analysis

Documentation for the cohort analysis component of the OECD data table delivery

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This document specifies the data sources, assumptions, and constraint that are relevant to the tables that have been produced and delivered in response to the Cohort Analysis-part of a larger data delivery of tables to OECD (Statistics Norway’s reference W15/0716). The specific data sources are not discussed in detail here, but references to further documentation are provided. Also provided here are some simple descriptive statistics of the target population of the analysis.

The delivery for the Cohort Analysis consists of three main tables (plus a presentational variation of each table):

  1. NEET spell count
  2. Total NEET periods
  3. Timing of NEET periods

These tables are not included with this document.

The delivered tables are based on a longitudinal perspective, in that they follow a specific birth cohort, the 1990 cohort, month by month in the period January 2006 to December 2013, and compares various registered statuses for each person in each month.

Author: Arve Hetland


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