Final expenditure and gross domestic product. Quarter and year. Seasonally adjusted figures. Percentage change in volume from the previous period.1
201820191st quarter 20192nd quarter 20193rd quarter 20194th quarter 20191st quarter 2020
1Figures from 2018 onwards are prelimanry
2Gross domestic product is measured at market prices, while value added by industry is measured at basic prices.
3Includes oil and gas extraction, transport via pipelines and ocean transport.
Final consumption expenditure of households and NPISHs1.
¬ Household final consumption expenditure1.
¬¬ Goods0.
¬¬ Services2.
¬¬ Direct purchases abroad by resident households4.22.00.0-1.32.2-4.1-16.7
¬¬ Direct purchases by non-residents0.
¬ Final consumption expenditure of NPISHs4.
Final consumption expenditure of general governmen1.
¬ Final consumption expenditure of central government0.
¬¬¬ Central government, civilian0.
¬¬¬ Central government, defence1.
¬ Final consumption expenditure of local government1.
Gross fixed capital formation (GFCF)2.86.1-
¬ Extraction and transport via pipelines (GFCF)1.912.8-
¬ Ocean transport (GFCF)-19.1300.6-21.677.022.152.4-63.1
¬ Mainland Norway (GFCF)3.04.3-
¬¬ Industries (GFCF)6.85.6-0.5-
¬¬¬ Services activities incidential to extraction (GFCF)40.745.59.118.2-4.18.4-21.7
¬¬¬ Other services (GFCF)3.71.9-2.1-1.82.7-1.4-1.5
¬¬¬ Manufacturing and mining (GFCF)16.725.09.52.711.30.9-9.6
¬¬¬ Production of other goods (GFCF)7.3-0.3-3.6-
¬¬ Dwelling service (households) (GFCF)-6.2-
¬¬ General government (GFCF)7.57.5-
Acquisitions less disposals of valuables7.25.68.9-3.71.9-1.0-10.6
Changes in stocks and statistical discrepancies3.2-
Gross capital formation2.94.5-
Final domestic use of goods and services2.
Final demand from Mainland Norway (excl. changes in stocks)
Final demand from general government2.
Total exports-
¬ Traditional goods (export)
¬ Crude oil and natural gas (export)-4.8-4.3-2.1-3.2-4.216.8-4.4
¬ Ships, oil platforms and aircraft (export)-38.23.0233.354.7-43.1-42.376.7
¬ Services (export)
Total use of goods and services1.
Total imports1.
¬ Tradisjonelle varer (import)
¬ Crude oil and natural gas (import)39.09.6-6.7-0.445.77.6-7.4
¬ Ships, oil platforms and aircraft (import)-19.3-4.8-23.849.2-8.5-10.2-18.2
¬ Services (import)
Gross domestic product, market values21.
Gross domestic product Mainland Norway, market values22.
Petroleum activities and ocean transport3-3.7-5.7-2.6-2.2-3.911.01.9
Gross domestic product Mainland Norway, basic values2.
¬ Mainland Norway excluding general government (GDP)
¬¬ Manufacturing and mining (GDP)
¬¬ Production of other goods (GDP)2.02.0-
¬¬ Service activities (GDP)
¬ General government (GDP)
Taxes and subsidies products1.