Employed persons ages 15-74, by occupation and major industry division. Annual average. 1000
In total1. Managers2. Professionals3. Technicians and associate professionals4. Clerical support workers5. Service and sales workers6. Skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers7. Craft and related trades workers8. Plant and machine operators and assemblers0,9. Other occupations
00-99 All industries2 69423773343314857150248149127
01-02 Agriculture and forestry381010131121
03 Fishing181121011010
05-09 Oil and gas extraction, mining and quarrying62614193108101
10-33 Manufacturing207272039166053434
35-39 Electricity, gas, water supply31368310424
41-43 Construction2202011217211242410
45-47 Domestic trade3505518493015603067
49-53 Transport and storage1278421221004499
55-56 Accommodation and food service activities90102375501111
58-63 Information and communication103126021330202
64-66 Financial and insurance activities5461133210001
68-82 Real estate, tech.adm service3182794762536414634
84 Public administration and defence18320744091403122
85 Education2221116585270006
86-88 Human health and social work activities5491722164822701110
90-99 Other service activities1201431267321335