Unemployed and underemployed persons aged 15-74, by sex and desired working hours per week. Number of man-weeks (of 37,5 hours) supplied (LFS). 1 000
Annual average2nd quarter 20183rd quarter 20184th quarter 20181st quarter 20192nd quarter 20193rd quarter 2019
1Includes the number of man-weeks desired by the unemployed persons and the desired man-weeks minus the present man-weeks of the underemployed persons
Both sexes
Unemployed persons
1-19 hours2119132220261320
20-36 hours2424332022192123
37 hours or more7265637156646366
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3232333231313332
Number of man-weeks desired9992959782898692
Underemployed persons
1-19 hours45345753
20-36 hours2425232427242428
37 hours or more3336353740344044
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3434353434333434
Desired man-weeks subtracted present man-weeks2325242528262629
Number of man-weeks supplied, total1122117119122110115112121
Unemployed persons
1-19 hours9741061235
20-36 hours1210196671010
37 hours or more4743404937414345
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3334343434323534
Number of man-weeks desired6055575945525353
Underemployed persons
1-19 hours12112322
20-36 hours56667757
37 hours or more1213121314121415
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3434353434323434
Desired man-weeks subtracted present man-weeks898810989
Number of man-weeks supplied, total16864656755616162
Unemployed persons
1-19 hours12129121414915
20-36 hours1314141415111113
37 hours or more2422232219232022
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3030312929293129
Number of man-weeks desired3938383837373339
Underemployed persons
1-19 hours23234441
20-36 hours1919171720171921
37 hours or more2123232426222629
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3434353434333335
Desired man-weeks subtracted present man-weeks1516161618161819
Number of man-weeks supplied, total15454545455535158