Producer price indices for domestic market and export market. Monthly change and twelve-month change in per cent by industrial activity. 2015=100
Industrial ClassificationAugust 2019 - September 2019September 2018 - September 2019
Domestic marketExport marketDomestic marketExport market
PPI total0.10.0-0.5-18.9
Extraction and related services
SNN06 Extraction of oil and natural gas5.1-0.1-13.7-28.4
SNN09 Support activities for petroleum and natural gas extraction1.8..1.8..
SNN10 Food products0.
SNN11 Beverages-0.7..-1.4..
SNN16 Wood and wood products0.0..2.5..
SNN17 Paper and paper products-0.4..8.8..
SNN19 Refined petroleum products-3.7-3.7-20.9-24.9
SNN20 Chemicals, chemical products-0.1-1.31.3-3.8
SNN22 Rubber and plastic products0.3..2.0..
SNN23 Non-metallic mineral products0.0..8.0..
SNN24 Basic metals (total)0.54.0-4.04.2
SNN25 Fabricated metal products0.
SNN26 Electronic and optical products-
SNN27 Electrical equipment0.4..4.3..
SNN28 Machinery and equipment0.
SNN33 Repair, installation of machinery-0.2..2.7..
Electricity, gas and steam-2.2-9.1-3.8-31.2
Water supply0.0..5.9..