Retail sales. Monthly index of volume, calendar adjusted. 2015=100
July 201912-month change in per cent
May 2019 / May 2018June 2019 / June 2018July 2019 / July 2018
1For more details about the industries, see G, 47 here:
47 Retail trade1104.9-
47.1 Ret. sale in non-specialised stores103.1-2.1-1.2-0.1
47.2 Ret. sale of food, beverages etc.
47.3 Ret. sale of automotive fuel103.51.0-2.3-3.9
47.4 Ret. sale of ICT-equipment84.0-9.3-4.3-4.7
47.5 Ret. sale of other household equip.104.7-
47.6 Ret. sale of cultural/recreation goods111.
47.7 Ret. sale of other goods101.6-
47.9 Ret. trade not in stores/stalls etc.
47_ub Ret. sale, except motor vehicles and gas stations105.1-