Sickness absence man-days for employees 16-69 years in per cent of contractual man-days, by type of certification and sex. Seasonal- and influenza adjusted. Change in per cent from previous quarter
Self-certified and certified by doctorSelf-certifiedCertified by doctorSelf-certified and certified by doctorSelf-certifiedCertified by doctor
4th quarter 20131.
1st quarter 20141.
2nd quarter 2014-0.3-3.60.5-0.1-2.80.4
3rd quarter 20140.75.5-0.30.810.8-0.8
4th quarter 2014-2.2-7.9-1.0-1.0-13.31.2
1st quarter 20150.26.8-
2nd quarter 2015-0.4-0.5-0.4-0.5-3.70.1
3rd quarter 2015-0.7-0.8-0.6-1.7-1.5-1.7
4th quarter 2015-0.5-6.30.8-1.2-7.2-0.1
1st quarter 2016-2.0-2.3-2.0-1.0-0.5-1.1
2nd quarter 20161.
3rd quarter 20161.
4th quarter 2016-0.12.3-0.6-0.84.9-1.7
1st quarter 20170.4-
2nd quarter 20170.
3rd quarter 2017-1.0-5.3-0.1-0.5-3.70.0
4th quarter 20170.7-0.20.8-0.2-7.41.0
1st quarter 2018-1.4-2.5-1.1-2.6-1.1-2.8
2nd quarter 2018-2.2-5.1-1.7-1.7-4.4-1.3
3rd quarter 2018-0.41.5-