Turnover. Monthly numbers, by division and main industrial groupings and by market. Unadjusted series. NOK million123
October 201812-monthly change
August 2018 / August 2017September 2018 / September 2017October 2018 / October 2017
1The Figures can be revised twice after published, but no later than 6 months after the initial publishing.
2Total turnover based on grossed up sample figures.
3The levels of aggregation refers to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC2007). See NOS D383 for further details.
Extraction, mining, manufacturing and electricity165 62120.525.031.2
Domestic market73 22610.118.620.7
Export market92 39530.531.440.8
Extraction and related services70 18837.645.858.8
Domestic market12 05816.329.939.0
Export market58 13043.450.363.7
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying80 5177.69.311.9
Domestic market47 0663.29.211.0
Export market33 45113.99.513.1
Mining and quarrying1 153-16.81.5-9.5
Domestic market687-16.1-4.2-9.7
Export market466-18.411.1-9.2
Manufacturing79 3648.19.412.2
Domestic market46 3793.69.411.4
Export market32 98514.59.513.5
Electricity, gas and steam14 91634.553.247.7
Domestic market14 10232.554.747.2
Export market81468.335.258.4
Main industrial groupings:
Intermediate goods39 9054.366.68.7
Domestic market24 4150.594.110.7
Export market15 49010.8-12.15.8
Capital goods17 90611.988.413.8
Domestic market12 1957.578.618.5
Export market5 71118.9-67.24.9
Consumer goods24 8304.335.29.1
Domestic market17 6445.01.69.0
Export market7 1872.2-88.49.6
Energy goods82 97941.054.762.5
Domestic market18 97235.369.956.6
Export market64 00742.950.064.3