Investments. Final investments per quarter. Seasonally adjusted series. 2005=100
3rd quarter 20174th quarter 20171st quarter 2018Change in per cent
3rd quarter 2017 / 2nd quarter 20174th quarter 2017 / 3rd quarter 20171st quarter 2018 / 4th quarter 2017
Extraction, pipeline, mining, manuf. and elec165.9176.2164.6-3.06.2-6.6
Extraction and pipeline transport152.0167.4153.4-11.210.1-8.4
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying112.0119.6120.
Mining and quarrying87.277.0186.94.1-11.7142.7
Electricity, gas and steam430.5377.0400.037.8-12.46.1