Turnover. Monthly numbers, by division and main industrial groupings and by market. Unadjusted series. NOK million123
December 201712-monthly change
October 2017 / October 2016November 2017 / November 2016December 2017 / December 2016
1The Figures can be revised twice after published, but no later than 6 months after the initial publishing.
2Total turnover based on grossed up sample figures.
3The levels of aggregation refers to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC2007). See NOS D383 for further details.
Extraction, mining, manufacturing and electricity136 7085.03.74.2
Domestic market64 408-0.3-2.70.0
Export market72 30010.310.18.2
Extraction and related services53 5253.02.12.8
Domestic market10 214-14.0-12.2-7.5
Export market43 3108.26.15.5
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying67 41510.48.48.6
Domestic market38 9418.63.85.7
Export market28 47412.915.012.7
Mining and quarrying1 26243.634.138.5
Domestic market79643.336.671.9
Export market46644.529.54.0
Manufacturing66 1539.98.08.1
Domestic market38 1458.23.34.9
Export market28 00712.514.912.9
Electricity, gas and steam15 769-17.1-12.1-7.4
Domestic market15 252-18.2-13.2-7.7
Export market51612.224.93.4
Main industrial groupings:
Intermediate goods32 34411.065.44.0
Domestic market18 9121.784.4-1.6
Export market13 43128.7-10.013.0
Capital goods16 6962.5111.85.8
Domestic market11 14141.96.722.3
Export market5 554-32.8-71.6-16.7
Consumer goods20 2243.939.90.1
Domestic market14 7098.2-1.0-0.8
Export market5 516-5.4-87.92.9
Energy goods67 4442.23.95.2
Domestic market19 645-28.4-17.0-7.4
Export market47 79917.814.611.5