Unemployed and underemployed persons aged 15-74, by sex and desired working hours per week. Number of man-weeks (of 37,5 hours) supplied (LFS). 1 000
Annual average3rd quarter 20164th quarter 20161st quarter 20172nd quarter 20173rd quarter 20174th quarter 2017
1Includes the number of man-weeks desired by the unemployed persons and the desired man-weeks minus the present man-weeks of the underemployed persons
Both sexes
Unemployed persons
1-19 hours2120202024172416
20-36 hours2924362220342119
37 hours or more8273837881727070
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3232323232323233
Number of man-weeks desired1131001181041061059792
Underemployed persons
1-19 hours54324335
20-36 hours2722252923222220
37 hours or more4232454238303131
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3434353434343433
Desired man-weeks subtracted present man-weeks2821272824202120
Number of man-weeks supplied, total1141121145132130125118112
Unemployed persons
1-19 hours109712114118
20-36 hours1411218920106
37 hours or more5648505354464348
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3333333333333234
Number of man-weeks desired7160696466625657
Underemployed persons
1-19 hours12112113
20-36 hours74576543
37 hours or more1712181415101013
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3534363434333434
Desired man-weeks subtracted present man-weeks1171089767
Number of man-weeks supplied, total18267797275696264
Unemployed persons
1-19 hours10121381213139
20-36 hours1512151411141112
37 hours or more2725332526252721
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3030303130303031
Number of man-weeks desired4239504040424135
Underemployed persons
1-19 hours32313223
20-36 hours2118202217171917
37 hours or more2520272824202118
Average working hours desired (hours per week)3334343434343433
Desired man-weeks subtracted present man-weeks1714171915131513
Number of man-weeks supplied, total15953675955555648