Time spent on different activities an average day, among all, by sex (hours and minutes)1
1Note that the numbers are given in hours and minutes. 0.50 means 50 minutes, not half an hour (30 minutes). 2.30 is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Income-producing work, travel to/from work etc. in total5.294.304.101.562.483.01-1.191.05
Household work, total2.132.363.005.554.223.500.47-2.05
¬ House work0.380.460.594.142.181.490.21-2.25
¬ Maintenance0.410.360.380.130.160.20-0.030.04
¬ Family care0.170.300.310.420.590.420.160.00
Education, total0.
Personal needs, total10.199.589.5910.3610.1010.24-0.20-0.12
¬ Night sleep7.437.457.517.557.568.000.08-0.05
¬ Meals1.
Leisure time, total5.
¬ Sports and outdoor activities0.320.370.340.
¬ Entertainment and culture0.
¬ Socializing1.311.491.111.542.091.27-0.20-0.27
¬ Reading0.470.400.280.360.380.35-0.19-0.01
¬ Television viewing1.101.362.010.531.141.410.510.48