Imports of goods and services. Annual percentage change in prices1
1Figures for the final year are preliminary.
¬ Crude oil and natural gas23.76.2-3.9-2.1-19.3-7.4
¬ Ships, oil platforms, aircraft0.
¬ Other goods4.
¬¬ Agriculture, forestry and fishing4.9-
¬¬ Mining and quarrying1.8-0.4-
¬¬ Manufacturing products3.
¬¬¬ Food products, beverages and tobacco4.
¬¬¬ Textiles, wearing apparel, leather4.
¬¬¬ Wood products1.4-
¬¬¬ Pulp, paper and paper products4.6-
¬¬¬ Printing and publishing9.14.247.6-14.811.8-3.2
¬¬¬ Refined petroleum products22.47.0-2.3-3.0-22.4-14.7
¬¬¬ Basic chemicals, chemical and mineral products3.
¬¬¬ Basic metals6.4-7.0-
¬¬¬ Machinery and other equipment n.e.c0.
¬¬¬ Furniture and other manufacturing products1.
¬¬¬ Transport equipment, non-competitive imports2.
¬¬ Electricity7.3-46.316.9-18.5-19.225.6
¬ Other goods excl refined petroleum products2.9-
¬ Gross receipts, shipping-
¬ Operating costs shipping, excl bunkers-3.0-8.3-5.019.0-7.1-1.4
¬ Petroleum activities, various services4.71.6-
¬ Pipeline transport............
¬ Travel1.4-
¬ Other services3.
¬¬ Transport, post and telecommunication0.
¬¬ Financial and business services4.
¬¬ Services n.e.c2.9-