Number of tourists, by destination, purpose of the trip and sex and age. Millions
3rd quarter 2016
Both sexesMalesFemales16-24 years25-44 years45-64 years65-79 years
Total trips2.991.501.490.411.141.030.40
Total trips domestic1.010.490.520.150.330.360.18
Total trips outbound1.020.500.520.150.400.320.14
Total trips domestic and outbound0.960.500.450.120.410.350.08
Holiday trips, total2.881.411.470.401.090.990.40
Holiday trips domestic1.010.490.520.150.340.340.19
Holiday trips outbound1.110.550.570.160.440.360.15
Holiday trips domestic and outbound0.760.370.390.090.310.290.07
Business trips total0.550.360.
Business trips domestic0.330.
Business trips outbound0.
Business trips domestic and outbound0.