International reserves and foreign liquidity. NOK million
I. Official reserve assets and other foreign currency assetsJuly 2016
A. Official reserve assets NOK534 806
A. Official reserve assets USD63 494
(1) Foreign currency reserves447 865
(a) Securities434 416
of which: issuer headquartered in reporting country but located abroad0
(b) total currency and deposits with:13 449
(i) other national central banks, BIS and IMF12 677
(ii) banks headquartered in the reporting country0
of which: located abroad0
(iii) banks headquartered outside the reporting country772
of which: located in the reporting country0
(2) IMF reserved position6 800
(3) SDRs14 981
(4) Gold0
(5) Other reserve assets65 159
financial derivatives7
loan til nonbank nonrisidents0
other65 152
B. Other foreign currency assets20 191
securities not included in official reserve assets0
deposits not included in official reserve assets116
loand not included in official reserve assets0
financial derivatives not included in official reserve assets0
gold not included in official reserve assets0
other20 075
II. Predetermined short-term net drains on foreign currency assets (nominal value)June 2016
MaturityMaurity, totalMaurity 0-1 mndMaurity 1-3 mndMaurity 3-12 mnd
1.Foreign currency loans, securities, and deposits-20-20
outflows (-) - Principal0000
outflows (-) - (Interest)-20-20
inflows (+) - Principal0000
inflows (+) - Interest0000
2. Aggregate short and long positions in forwards
(a) Short positions (-)-1 800-1 80000
(b) Long positions (+)38438400
3. Other-37 544-37 54400
outflows related to repos (-)-927-92700
inflows related to reverse repos (+)0000
trade credit (-)0000
trade credit (+)0000
other accounts payable (-)-36 617-36 61700
other accounts receivable (+)0000
IV. Memo itemsJune 2016
(a) Short term domestic currency debt indexed to the exchange rate0
(b) Financial instruments denominated in foreign currency and settled by other means (NOK)0
derivatives (forwards, futures or options contracts)0
(c) Pledged assets0
(d) Securities lent and on repo30 453
lent or repoed and included in section I-4 786
lent or repoed but not included in section I0
borrowed or acquired and included in section I0
borrowed or acquired but not included in section I35 239
(e) Financial derivative assets (net, marked to market)7
(f) Derivatives (forward, futures or options contracts) that have a residual maturity greater than one year0
aggregated short and long positions in forwards and futures in foreign currencies vis-á-vis the domestic currency (including the forward leg of currency swaps)
aggregate short and long positions of options in foreign currencies cis-á-vis the domestic currency
(2) To be disclosed at least once a year:
Currency composition of reserves482 272
currencies not in SDR basket40 062