Employed immigrants and non residents aged 15-74 with a health care education in the health care industry, by country. Per 4th quarter.1
All countriesNorwayDenmarkFinlandSwedenGermanyOther EU/EEA countries, USA, Canada, Australia and New ZealandEurope exclusive EU-/EEAAsia, Africa, Latin-America, Oceania exclusive Australia and New Zealand
1As from 2015, the statistics are based on new data sources. This gives a change in the time series.
2The health care industry include the industries 86-88
3Includes Health workers
4Includes medical students with licence
5From 2011 only clinical psychologists included
Total, health care education237 7193451 7949905 3902 3486 8604 02515 967
Auxiliary nurse, care worker and health worker310 3461041781511 3341888231 4766 092
Other groups, secondary leve3 3582489351751494324422 012
Occupational therapist and physiotherapist1 23091365320717741950179
Nurse, midwife and public health nurse11 0531036155962 2876452 4918323 484
Other health care education, university level4 10750239744031757703902 006
Physician42 3102116511273145463393839
Specialised physician2 9301822637335624831234625
Dentist and specialist in dentistry9913351414315520398340
Other health care education, university level7115236583023068291