Employees aged 15-74 with temporary jobs, by major industry division (LFS). In per cent of all employees
Annual average3rd quarter 20144th quarter 20141st quarter 20152nd quarter 20153rd quarter 20154th quarter 2015
01-03 Agriculture, forestry and fishing11.413.210.913.47.318.417.39.7
05-39 Mining etc., manufacture, power and water supply4.
41-43 Construction4.
45-47 Domestic trade, car repair shop6.
49-53 Transportation and storage5.
55-56 Accomommodation and food service activities12.
58-63 Information and communication5.
64-66 Financial and insurance activities2.
68-82 Real estate, scientific, technical, administrative and support service activities7.
84 Public adm., defence, soc. security5.
85 Education12.
86-88 Human health and social work activities11.711.411.911.211.011.511.511.5
90-99 Other service activities9.412.79.410.810.811.616.811.7