Net domestic consumption of natural gas, exclusive non energy use of natural gas. GWh
TotalTotalNatural gas transported in pipelinesCNG (komprimert naturgass)LNG
Total5 0805 1131 983413 089
Agriculture, forestry and fishing17714714700
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying3 3873 2731 621131 639
Other mining and quarrying52450045
Food products, beverages, tobacco64151026413233
Textiles, wearing apparel, leather60000
Pulp, paper and paper products114750075
Wood and wood products53330033
Chemicals and chemical products1 2521 2141 0720142
Other non-metallic mineral products560532510481
Basic metals4244691250344
Furniture, other manuf., recycling2853951090286
Services1 4651 64418881 448
Hotels and restaurants108800
Wholesale and retail trade367552023
Helth and social work activities886120140
Other private and public services, incl defence1159078012
Land transport164183187158
Water transport1 0361 214001 214