Total hours worked. Employees and self-employed. Seasonally adjusted. Percentage change from the previous period1
201320144th quarter 20131st quarter 20142nd quarter 20143rd quarter 20144th quarter 2014
1Figures for the last two years are preliminary.
Agriculture and forestry-2.51.1-
Fishing and aquaculture-
Mining and quarrying-0.4-1.7-0.8-
Oil and gas extraction including services3.90.71.9-0.2-0.2-1.7-0.9
¬ Oil and gas extraction3.9-0.12.0-0.8-0.3-1.7-1.0
¬ Service activities incidental to oil and gas3.
¬ Food products, beverages and tobacco1.41.31.2-0.7-
¬ Textiles, wearing apparel, leather-2.4-1.4-0.1-1.1-0.30.5-2.6
¬Manufacture of wood and wood products, except furniture-4.2-1.3-0.1-
¬ Manufacture of paper and paper products-17.2-11.1-6.2-5.4-2.6-1.3-1.4
¬ Printing and reproduction of recorded media-4.1-3.3-0.7-1.6-1.3-0.4-0.8
¬ Refined petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical products-
¬¬ Manufacture of basic chemicals etc-
¬ Rubber, plastic and mineral products0.1-1.0-0.4-0.3-
¬ Basic metals-2.1-1.2-2.01.3-0.5-0.1-0.5
¬ Machinery and other equipment n.e.c3.
¬ Building of ships, oil platforms and moduls6.
¬ Furniture and other manufacturing n.e.c-4.6-3.1-1.3-0.8-0.7-0.9-0.4
¬ Repair and installation of machinery and equiment3.
Electricity, gas and steam1.
Water supply, sewerage, waste1.
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles-1.5-0.2-
Transport via pipelines0.56.3-
Ocean transport-1.5-0.5-
Transport activities excl. ocean transport1.
Postal and courier activities-3.4-1.9-1.4-
Accommodation and food service activities2.
Information and communcation-
Financial and insurance activities-
Real estate activities1.
Imputed rents of owner-occupied dwellings..............
Professional, scientific and and technical activities1.12.41.8-
Administrative and support service activities2.42.3-
Public administration and defence-
Health and social work1.
Arts, entertainment and other service activities1.20.5-1.0-
Mainland Norway0.
¬ General government0.61.60.3-
¬¬ Central government0.52.30.3-
¬¬¬ Civilian central government1.02.20.5-
¬¬¬ Defence-3.22.6-
¬¬ Local government0.61.10.3-0.20.0-0.50.3