Imports of goods and services. Seasonally adjusted. Percentage change in volume from the previous period1
201320144th quarter 20131st quarter 20142nd quarter 20143rd quarter 20144th quarter 2014
1Figures for the last two years are preliminary.
¬ Crude oil and natural gas11.2-11.3-30.910.5-
¬ Ships, oil platforms, aircraft23.08.3-21.1-1.39.7115.3-66.1
¬ Other goods3.
¬¬ Agriculture, forestry and fishing0.
¬¬ Mining and quarrying-
¬¬ Manufacturing products3.10.1-
¬¬¬ Food products, beverages and tobacco3.24.2-
¬¬¬ Textiles, wearing apparel, leather15.8-0.91.1-6.16.4-0.42.8
¬¬¬ Wood products2.61.1-
¬¬¬ Pulp, paper and paper products-0.21.3-0.4-0.53.6-2.8-0.1
¬¬¬ Printing and publishing-
¬¬¬ Refined petroleum products31.2-18.12.8-4.7-15.13.2-6.3
¬¬¬ Basic chemicals, chemical and mineral products-
¬¬¬ Basic metals-3.93.9-3.910.2-3.0-1.9-2.5
¬¬¬ Machinery and other equipment n.e.c0.41.2-0.1-
¬¬¬ Furniture and other manufacturing products-2.63.6-
¬¬¬ Transport equipment, non-competitive imports8.11.3-3.32.7-4.5-2.56.8
¬¬ Electricity142.0-37.5204.439.6-68.9-27.0184.7
¬ Other goods excl refined petroleum products1.21.7-
¬ Gross receipts, shipping..............
¬ Operating costs shipping, excl bunkers7.54.5-
¬ Petroleum activities, various services2.33.22.3-3.010.5-4.8-5.7
¬ Pipeline transport..............
¬ Travel7.
¬ Other services2.74.611.9-
¬¬ Transport, post and telecommunication-
¬¬ Financial and business services21.43.712.6-7.3-
¬¬ Services n.e.c-6.84.313.2-