Gross domestic product and value added by industry. Seasonally adjusted. Percentage change in volume from the previous period1
201320144th quarter 20131st quarter 20142nd quarter 20143rd quarter 20144th quarter 2014
1Figures for the last two years are preliminary.
2Grodd domestic product is valued at market prices, while industries are valued at basic prices.
Gross domestic product, market values20.72.2-
Total industry0.52.3-
Agriculture and forestry2.
Fishing and aquaculture-3.66.429.4-4.77.9-5.0-6.2
Mining and quarrying-1.91.9-
Oil and gas extraction including services-3.91.7-
¬ Oil and gas extraction-4.91.9-
¬ Service activities incidental to oil and gas12.40.0-0.50.1-2.2-1.61.2
¬ Food products, beverages and tobacco-0.73.2-1.6-
¬ Textiles, wearing apparel, leather-2.81.5-1.8-
¬Manufacture of wood and wood products, except furniture-
¬ Manufacture of paper and paper products-9.1-4.0-7.2-0.67.0-1.41.3
¬ Printing and reproduction of recorded media-3.3-2.4-0.4-2.11.3-1.3-1.9
¬ Refined petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical products-3.5-1.4-2.34.2-1.3-3.0-2.0
¬¬ Manufacture of basic chemicals etc-2.42.4-3.46.5-1.90.8-5.5
¬ Rubber, plastic and mineral products-0.3-3.9-0.2-7.15.1-3.9-2.4
¬ Basic metals-
¬ Machinery and other equipment n.e.c8.36.8-
¬ Building of ships, oil platforms and moduls13.66.6-
¬ Furniture and other manufacturing n.e.c-4.8-3.0-0.6-
¬ Repair and installation of machinery and equiment7.25.0-1.8-
Electricity, gas and steam-6.63.9-3.44.510.3-8.42.3
Water supply, sewerage, waste0.53.1-
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles1.81.3-
Transport via pipelines-5.4-0.4-6.2-2.35.8-1.16.6
Ocean transport7.64.5-
Transport activities excl. ocean transport2.
Postal and courier activities-6.6-5.1-0.2-3.5-1.50.6-3.1
Accommodation and food service activities2.
Information and communcation2.
Financial and insurance activities2.
Real estate activities-0.6-0.6-0.1-1.40.8-0.10.1
Imputed rents of owner-occupied dwellings2.
Professional, scientific and and technical activities2.
Administrative and support service activities3.7-0.1-0.20.3-
Public administration and defence0.
Health and social work2.
Arts, entertainment and other service activities1.
Mainland Norway2.
Gross domestic product Mainland Norway, market values22.
Taxes and subsidies products2.
¬ General government1.
¬¬ Central government1.
¬¬¬ Civilian central government2.
¬¬¬ Defence-3.10.3-
¬¬ Local government1.