Emissions to air of particulate matter. Tonnes
Particulates - TSP1Particulates - PM10Particulates - PM2,5
1Total suspended particles.
All industries and households71 27347 30338 771
Emissions from international air and ocean transport8 8998 8998 458
International air transport - Norwegian airlines818181
International ocean transport - Norwegian operated ships8 8188 8188 377
Emissions from Norwegian territory62 37438 40430 313
Agriculture and forestry457450429
Fiske og fangst865865822
Mining and quarrying8 6823 30247
Oil and gas extraction1 5411 5301 494
Service activities incidental to oil and gas230213171
Food products, beverages and tobacco products514539
Textiles, wearing apparel, leather100
Wood and wood products, except furniture, paper and paper products687651610
Printing and reproduction of recorded media000
Refined petroleum products, chemicals and chemical products, pharmaceutical products2 2632 1482 056
Rubber and plastic products, non-metallic mineral products230186125
Basic metals2 4782 4151 788
Fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment965
Building of ships and boats and other transport equipment1586
Furniture and other manufacturing222121
Repair and installation of machinery and equipment511
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply1 111972875
Water supply, sewerage and waste management383426
Construction12 8742 394673
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of mot.veh.63021160
Accommodation and food service activities643
Post and telecommunications65215
Information and communication, except telecommuncations111
Financial and insurance activities221
Real estate activities333
Other service activities221815
Transport via pipelines...
Other transport3 6172 3951 867
Human health and social work activities251917
Public administration and defence144138134
Households26 25520 30918 978