Emissions to air of PAHs and dioxins, by industry
PAH (kg)PAH-4 (kg)Dioxins (mg)
All industries and households91 8488 48832 403
Emissions from international air and ocean transport4 43311011 011
International air transport - Norwegian airlines49050
International ocean transport - Norwegian operated ships4 38411010 960
Emissions from Norwegian territory87 4158 37821 392
Agriculture and forestry1 39110843
Fiske og fangst674171 671
Mining and quarrying267918
Oil and gas extraction749171 931
Service activities incidental to oil and gas1674321
Food products, beverages and tobacco products91518
Textiles, wearing apparel, leather200
Wood and wood products, except furniture, paper and paper products15414838
Printing and reproduction of recorded media100
Refined petroleum products, chemicals and chemical products, pharmaceutical products67987349
Rubber and plastic products, non-metallic mineral products2 235103535
Basic metals34 5065 1103 797
Fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment2722
Building of ships and boats and other transport equipment1416
Furniture and other manufacturing308
Repair and installation of machinery and equipment710
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply1 30426748
Water supply, sewerage and waste management1003170
Wholesale and retail trade, repair of mot.veh.2402715
Accommodation and food service activities1312
Post and telecommunications2431
Information and communication, except telecommuncations1011
Financial and insurance activities401
Real estate activities2121
Other service activities62518165
Transport via pipelines...
Other transport7 7767321 909
Human health and social work activities1019
Public administration and defence953178
Households35 5172 0528 593