Emissions to air of particulate matter, by source. 1 000 tonnes1
Partic-ulates - TSP2Partic-ulates - PM10Partic-ulates - PM2.5Partic-ulates - TSP2Partic-ulates - PM10Partic-ulates - PM2.5Partic-ulates - TSP2Partic-ulates - PM10Partic-ulates - PM2.5
1Does not include ocean transport and international air transport.
2Total suspended particles.
All sources72.650.540.770.544.535.162.438.430.3
Oil and gas extraction - stationary combustion1.
Oil and gas extraction - process emissions0.
Manufacturing industries and mining - stationary combustion1.
Manufacturing industries and mining - process emissions17.512.57.616.58.83.513.27.63.6
Energy supply0.
Heating in other industries2.
Heating in households22.321.821.123.422.922.218.518.117.5
Passenger cars0.
Light duty vehicles0.
Heavy duty vehicles1.
Motorcycles and mopeds0.
Domestic aviation0.
Costal navigation2.
Motorized equipment etc.
Agriculture - enteric fermentation and manure0.
Agriculture - fertilizer and other0.
Landfill gas0.
Road, tyre and brake wear and abrasion of railway contact wires10.
Products containing fluorinated gases, solvents etc.