Turnover. Monthly numbers, by division, main industrial groupings and market. Calendar adjusted series. 2005=100123
August 201412-monthly change in per cent
June 2014 / June 2013July 2014 / July 2013August 2014 / August 2013
1The levels of aggregation refers to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC2007). See NOS D383 for further details.
2Adjusted for working-days and for public holidays in Norway.
3Total turnover based on grossed up sample figures.
Extraction, mining, manufacturing and electricity141.8-7.0-7.0-0.9
Domestic market166.1-2.0-1.04.6
Export market123.2-12.0-11.7-6.1
Extraction and related services136.8-9.0-10.1-7.4
Domestic market353.424.119.713.3
Export market112.0-18.1-17.8-13.2
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying156.4-4.3-4.24.5
Domestic market165.5-5.3-6.73.4
Export market143.0-2.4-0.56.4
Mining and quarrying136.43.7-3.51.6
Domestic market108.5-2.5-9.1-6.8
Export market188.913.12.212.7
Domestic market166.8-5.3-6.73.5
Export market142.2-2.6-0.66.2
Electricity, gas and steam92.8-17.0-4.6-1.7
Domestic market90.6-18.0-6.1-1.5
Export market164.1-18.719.4-6.8
Main industrial groupings:
Intermediate goods184.
Domestic market212.
Export market151.
Capital goods200.6-7.4-7.422.5
Domestic market230.6-9.2-1.225.4
Export market146.1-2.1-16.713.2
Consumer goods143.
Domestic market145.7-2.5-1.0-2.1
Export market136.614.79.320.6
Energy goods112.0-15.7-14.5-12.2
Domestic market110.4-3.2-8.0-2.0
Export market112.6-19.4-16.5-15.3