Universities and colleges. Contracted man-years adjusted for long term leaves total, by educational institution
1Includes state universities and state colleges that receive grants from the Ministry of Education and Research. The Norwegian Police University College is within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.
2University of Nordland, previously Bodø University College, were classified as university from 1 January 2011.
3Molde University College - specialised university of logistics obtained status as specialised university 1 January 2010. Also including students in studies with no change in status.
4The FTE figure for Telemark University College in 2012 is about 100 too low due to an error in one of the source registers.
5Oslo University College (HiO) and Akershus University College (HiAk) were established as Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences on 1 August 2011.
Educational institutions, total31 025.730 903.931 673.0
Educational institutions, without National Police Academy130 651.830 487.231 254.0
Saami University College97.389.492.1
Finnmark University College239.0234.6..
Harstad University College116.1115.8125.4
Narvik University College193.5190.7192.7
Bodø University College2...
University of Nordland2554.7540.9565.4
Nesna University College105.8115.2121.9
Nord-Trøndelag University College393.3419.9427.7
Sør-Trøndelag University College718.7752.7792.8
Molde University College3...
Molde University College - specialised university of logistics3185.7178.5173.8
Ålesund University College195.5202.7221.9
Volda University College300.5276.8287.9
Sogn og Fjordane University College280.1283.3302.5
Bergen University College of the Arts682.3698.7733.4
Stord/Haugesund University College282.7285.1301.7
Stavanger University1 080.91 106.41 168.7
Agder University976.0980.8975.3
Telemark University College4571.6493.2607.9
Vestfold University College468.5446.0452.7
Buskerud University College293.8306.0318.1
Gjøvik University College247.8265.3283.2
Lillehammer University College318.2320.1325.2
Hedmark University College465.8460.7514.9
Østfold University College489.5491.7497.6
Akershus University College5....
Oslo University College5....
Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences51 623.91 685.31 707.7
Bergen University College of theArts94.287.587.6
Oslo University College of the Arts193.0193.3194.9
National Police Academy373.9416.7419.0
Norwegian school of Physical Education230.3226.5220.5
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design127.0125.1135.9
Norwegian State Academy of Music161.2171.4183.5
Norwegian School of Veterinary Science424.0410.2410.6
Norwegian University of Science and Technology5 313.65 123.15 184.7
University of Tromsø2 499.72 468.42 805.3
University of Oslo5 947.75 959.95 953.8
University of Bergen3 368.63 366.83 429.4
Norwegian University of Life Sciences1 019.61 030.21 046.2
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration391.7385.0411.1