Universities and colleges. Own production, by educational institution (Nok million)
1Includes state universities and state colleges that receive grants from the Ministry of Education and Research. The Norwegian Police University College is within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security
2Tromsø University College Tromsø University College was incorporated into the University of Tromsø from 1 January 2009.
3University of Nordland, previously Bodø University College, were classified as university from 1 January 2011.
4Molde University College - specialised university of logistics obtained status as specialised university 1 January 2010. Also including students in studies with no change in status.
5University of Stavanger, previously Stavanger University College, and Norwegian University of Life Science, previously Norwegian College of Agriculture, were classified as universities from 1 January 2005.
6University of Agder, previously Agder university college, was classified as a university as of 1 September 2007.
7Oslo University College and Akershus University College has been merged as of 1 August 2011.
Total23 75325 56127 25228 58629 79031 07832 687
Total without National Police Academy123 44725 22226 91328 17929 32530 57132 132
Educational institutions
Saami University College62698895979092
Finnmark University College187196209219212215221
Tromsø University College2259271.....
Harstad University College114117121124126126129
Narvik University College157161162178192203211
Bodø University College3418452497527...
University of Nordland3....541542572
Nesna University College113114110109111119129
Nord-Trøndelag University College344346366378392437468
Sør-Trøndelag University College591639648680724783847
Molde University College4140155164....
Molde University College - specialised university of logistics4...177178182175
Ålesund University College166176186193210226242
Volda University College221239258276284292296
Sogn og Fjordane University College237237257270289314339
Bergen University College of the Arts549630656672704757818
Stord/Haugesund University College228244260276274288304
Stavanger University College5.......
University of Stavanger57848791 0121 0271 0761 1501 216
Agder University College6.......
University of Agder67388108379129709951 027
Telemark University College453490507530561607647
Vestfold University College321354396456485495526
Buskerud University College263279295310327351388
Gjøvik University College171191200219236255281
Lillehammer University College254264294312323341353
Hedmark University College402434448459491512542
Østfold University College423428448470488523543
Akershus University College7251273287303...
Oslo University College71 0601 1091 1621 229...
Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences7....1 6321 7031 835
Bergen University College of theArts818597100106107115
Oslo University College of the Arts201206225288290295300
National Police Academy306339339407464507555
Norwegian school of Physical Education151173185193208210209
Oslo School of Architecture.......
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design107125135135139147164
Norwegian State Academy of Music181189200201203214222
Norwegian School of Veterinary Science311332346363360359378
Norwegian University of Science and Technology3 6323 8394 2244 4914 7144 8525 079
University of Tromsø1 5531 6892 0512 1622 2452 3232 469
University of Oslo4 5625 0295 3955 4515 6645 7196 021
University of Bergen2 6972 8712 9853 1223 1723 4233 487
Agricultural University of Norway5.......
Norwegian University of Life Sciences57427898478999151 0041 040
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration323340357374391413448