Deliveries of petroleum products, million litres. Preliminary figures1
TotalPer centTotalPer cent
September 2013September 2012 - September 201320122011 - 2012
1Including bunker oil, i.e. deliveries from Norwegian harbours to ship in foreign trade
2Includes LPG, LNG, aviation gasoline, heavy distillates, bitumen and road oil
Total sales of petroleum products824-0.89 5440.0
Motor gasoline110-3.51 394-6.5
Auto diesel3173.93 5903.8
Other middle distillates180-10.92 397-0.5
Kerosene10210.91 0465.3
Heavy fuel oil16-15.8293-12.5
Lubricant oil6-16.762-3.1
Other petroleumproduckts2920.0764-3