Turnover. Monthly numbers, by division, main industrial groupings and market. Unadjusted series. 2005=100123
August 201312-monthly change in per cent
June 2013 / June 2012July 2013 / July 2012August 2013 / August 2012
1The Figures can be revised twice after published, but no later than 6 months after the initial publishing.
2Total turnover based on grossed up sample figures.
3The levels of aggregation refers to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC2007). See NOS D383 for further details.
Extraction, mining, manufacturing and electricity143.
Domestic market161.312.617.69.1
Export market128.1-2.37.4-3.7
Extraction and related services146.51.68.4-3.5
Domestic market303.
Export market124.2-1.87.2-4.7
Manufacturing, mining and quarrying149.
Domestic market159.68.814.48.1
Export market134.5-3.36.5-2.5
Mining and quarrying128.7-22.014.4-0.6
Domestic market108.9-22.610.6-9.3
Export market165.7-21.118.513.0
Domestic market160.79.514.48.4
Export market133.9-3.06.3-2.8
Electricity, gas and steam97.336.353.934.6
Domestic market94.637.450.735.1
Export market181.015.7146.625.6
Main industrial groupings:
Intermediate goods174.
Domestic market214.08.511.65.4
Export market116.7-12.80.4-9.0
Capital goods164.518.123.219.4
Domestic market181.325.733.232.0
Export market126.80.48.7-8.8
Consumer goods140.80.712.42.8
Domestic market149.32.513.63.5
Export market114.8-
Energy goods126.73.310.9-1.2
Domestic market112.815.818.82.5
Export market131.7-0.18.5-2.4