Sickness absence man-days for employees aged 16-69 in per cent of scheduled man-days, by sex and type of certification. Seasonal- and influenza adjusted. Change in per cent from previous quarter
Self-certified and certified by doctorSelf-certifiedCertified by doctorSelf-certified and certified by doctorSelf-certifiedCertified by doctor
2nd quarter 20080.9-
3rd quarter 2008-1.2-2.1-1.0-2.4-3.6-2.3
4th quarter 20082.33.52.0-0.37.7-1.4
1st quarter 20093.0-
2nd quarter 20094.0-
3rd quarter 2009-1.11.3-1.5-1.0-0.7-1.0
4th quarter 2009-5.2-1.9-5.7-4.20.4-4.8
1st quarter 2010-3.24.5-4.6-2.07.2-3.4
2nd quarter 2010-2.0-1.1-2.2-1.3-2.6-1.1
3rd quarter 20102.
4th quarter 20101.3-
1st quarter 2011-2.1-4.1-1.7-0.4-4.50.2
2nd quarter 2011-2.13.6-3.2-1.74.7-2.6
3rd quarter 2011-3.60.6-4.4-2.44.9-3.5
4th quarter 2011-1.3-2.3-1.0-0.6-5.40.2
1st quarter 2012-1.20.7-1.6-1.0-1.2-0.9
2nd quarter 2012-3.0-4.9-2.7-2.4-4.8-2.0
3rd quarter 20120.6-
4th quarter 20124.615.52.53.416.01.6
1st quarter 2013-0.3-5.00.8-0.6-7.10.5