Energy use by type of building and type of heating used in the central heating system. kWh/m2
Buildings without central heating systemBuildings with central heating system
TotalTotalDistrict heatingElectric boilerOil boilerHeat pumpOther
kWh/m2kWh/m2Per cent1
1The percentages do not sum up to 100 because some buildings use several energy sources in the central heating system.
3 Office and business building22522847.135.822.615.62.9
31 Office building24022354.334.818.513.62.6
32 Business building20323732.637.529.319.03.3
5 Hotel and restaurant building20425348.642.527.420.50.0
51 Hotel building19725146.341.829.920.90.0
53 Restaurant building26430066.750.
6 Building used for education, public entertainment and religious ativities16120334.854.826.412.70.4
61 School building15616824.563.630.710.20.0
62 University and research building21823474.020.820.816.90.0
64 Museum and library building16425020.
65 Sports building17026436.250.022.417.23.4
66 Public entertainment building14329277.336.44.513.60.0
67 Building used for religious activities15814415.842.15.326.30.0
7 Hospital and institutional care building22233237.657.
71 Hospital32037960.
72 Nursing home21526829.263.333.317.50.8
73 Primary health building20027928.652.442.919.00.0
8 Prison, building for emergency preparedness etc.19721225.055.644.422.20.0
82 Building for emergency preparedness19721222.255.644.422.20.0