Energy use by type of building and building year. 2011. kWh/m2
Total2000 and later1990-991970-891950-69Before 1950
3 Office and business building228205254218250220
31 Office building228197264225247218
32 Business building226220242203254224
5 Hotel and restaurant building242215295267229234
51 Hotel building240215287270218234
6 Building used for education, public entertainment and religious ativities190197197181196183
61 School building162153191151163177
62 University and research building233247225229252189
65 Sports building232194149205486192
67 Building used for religious activities155104126134164176
7 Hospital and institutional care building313348371285316283
71 Hospital366444515326326295
72 Nursing home255242208258305193
8 Prison, building for emergency preparedness etc.207231169230136159