Energy use by type of building and energy product. kWh/m2
TotalTotalElectrisityDistrict heatingHeating karosene/other keroseneNatural gasBiofuel
kWh/m2kWh/m2Per cent
3 Office and business building24622880.716.
31 Office building25922877.
32 Business building22222687.
5 Hotel and restaurant building23124276.916.
51 Hotel building23324076.916.
53 Restaurant building19528576.523.
6 Building used for education, public entertainment and religious ativities19119076.
61 School building17116278.
62 University and research building22623369.
64 Museum and library building20221192.
65 Sports building22023276.714.
66 Public entertainment building22027076.922.
67 Building used for religious activities16915594.
7 Hospital and institutional care building28331371.423.
71 Hospital32536665.631.
72 Nursing home23125582.
73 Primary health building28525868.
8 Prison, building for emergency preparedness etc.22520779.912.313.50.00.0
82 Building for emergency preparedness22520779.912.