Disabled people, Labour force survey

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09357: Population aged 15-66, total, and persons with disabilities, by sex and labour force status (2006K2 - 2017K2)
09369: Persons aged 15-66 with disabilities, total and in employment, by type of benefits received (1 000 persons) (2006K2 - 2017K2)
09338: Employed persons in total 15-66 years, and employed persons with disabilities, by age and sex (per cent) (2006K2 - 2017K2)
09368: Part-time employment as a proportion of total employment among persons aged 15-66 in total and among persons with disabilities (per cent) (2006K2 - 2017K2)
09373: Employees with jobs which have / have not been adapted to their disability, by sex and need for more adaptation (1 000 persons) (2006K2 - 2017K2)
09375: Employees aged 15-66 with disabilities, by adaptations of their work, and whether the disability occurred before or after they started in their current job (1 000 persons) (2006K2 - 2017K2)
09376: Non-employed persons with disabilities aged 15-66, by desire for employment (2006K2 - 2017K2)

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