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06683: Adoptions, by type of adoption (1986 - 2016)
07277: Adoptions, by type of adoption (C) (2006 - 2016)
06685: Adopted, by type of adoption, sex and age (2006 - 2016)
06688: Intercountry adopted, by sex and previous citizenship (2006 - 2016)
06690: Stepchildren adopted, by age (1970 - 2016)
06689: Stepchild adoptions, by adoptive parents' relationship to the child (1970 - 2016)
Closed time series
05739: Adopted, by sex of the child, age, selected and earlier citizenship (closed series) (1998 - 2005)
04766: Adopted, by the relationship of the adoptive parents to the child before adoption, the child's previous citizenship and age (closed series) (1970 - 2005)

Some tables have a character in brackets which shows the lowest regional level you can extract figures for.
(C)=county, (M)=municipality, (BU)=Basic statistical unit, (UD)=urban district, (US)=urban settlement

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