Passed vocational examinations

Percent of submitted vocational examinations passed. Trade and journeyman’s examination is final evaluations in subjects where the department has decided that the pupil will have an apprenticeship in business, that documents professional skills according to the established curriculum for the subject. Trade and journeyman’s examination consists of a practical test judged by an examination board. It appears in the subjects established curriculum if the evaluation happens by a trade or journeyman’s examination. A journeyman’s examination is used in traditional craft subjects. Percent of passed vocational examinations = (Number of passed trade and journeyman’s examinations)/(Number of submitted trade and journeyman’s examinations)*100 Numerator: Number of passed trade and journeyman’s examinations, by the candidates county of residence. Source: VIGO. Denominator Number of submitted trade and journeyman’s examinations. Source: VIGO. The indicator measures the percentage of those who have gone up to a trade or journeyman’s examination and passed, per 30. september the previous year. As a quality indicator it measures how large part of the training programs that has given a formal minimum of competence previous year. The percent that has passed trade or journeyman’s examination is independent of whether the candidate has been an ordinary apprentice, candidate for experience-based trade certification or had alternative training in school.