Pupils per contracted man-years teachers

The indicator shows the number of pupils in county upper secondary schools per teacher man-years (contracted man-years, minus long absence) in county upper secondary schools. Man-years for teachers does not include positions defined as leader/inspector, and leader man-years is not included in the indicator. The extent of man-years for a teacher is defined by the occupational code of the employment. The link between pupils and students towards man-years for the personnel is done directly at the county level, the assembly is not aggregated by linking school level. Eventual discrepancies between pupils/students and personnel reported on the individual school from respectively VIGO and the A-ordningen in not corrected and can affect the indicator. The same counts for eventual lacking report of either pupils/students or personnel. Nominator: Pupils in upper secondary education and students in vocational education in county schools, per 01.10. Includes pupils registered on a valid organisation number, for education un upper secondary school level (85.310, 85.320, 85.410) in regard to the Entity Registry. Source: VIGO. Denominator: Number of contracted man-years registered on persons in teacher positions I county upper secondary schools. Employees in the reference week where the agreed weekly working hours is recalculated to fulltime. The size is referred to as man-years, though it only counts for one week and the reference week cannot be said to be representative for the whole calendar year. As an upper secondary school, units which are registered with the sectors 85.310 (upper secondary education within general studies), 85.320 (upper secondary education within vocational studies) is considered. If a schools is registered with the sectors 85.310 or 85.320 combined with sector 85.410 (teaching in technical vocational schools) it is also included in the numbers. Source: Personnel statistics in Statistics Norway, reported numbers from the NAV A-ordningen.