Decrease in current liabilities abroad
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The statistics show Norwegian non-financial enterprises’ total assets and liabilities abroad.

Accounting statistics, non-financial enterprises foreign financingQ4 2016



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Decrease in current liabilities abroad

Current liabilities of Norwegian non-financial enterprises in the fourth quarter were NOK 132 billion lower than in the previous quarter. Compared to the equivalent quarter the previous year, there was a decrease of NOK 92 billion.

Assets and liabilities in foreign countries. NOK million. Preliminary figures
4th quarter 2016Change in per cent
3rd quarter 2016 - 4th quarter 20164th quarter 2015 - 4th quarter 2016
Total assets1 509 118-5.3-2.2
Fixed assets1 122 922-5.10.3
Current assets386 196-5.8-8.8
Total liabilities1 338 225-8.7-9.0
Long-term liabilities1 025 1540.5-3.7
Short-term liabilities313 072-29.7-22.7
Figure 1. Liabilities abroad¹

The decrease has to be seen in conjunction with structural changes across borders in several groups of companies. Even though non-current liabilities abroad increased by NOK 5 billion, there was a decrease in total liabilities abroad of 9 per cent. Total debt in the fourth quarter was NOK 1 338 billion.