More attending supplementary programme
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More attending supplementary programme

The number of pupils attending the supplementary programme has increased strongly in recent years. In 2011, the number was 13 500 pupils, compared to 5500 in 2001 and 9000 in 2006. In total, participants in upper secondary education increased by 2 800 compared to the previous year.

There are 263 000 participants in upper secondary education. Of these, 195 500 are in upper secondary schools; an increase of 2 800 compared to the previous year, which can mostly be attributed to immigrants. The number of immigrants has increased both in upper secondary schools and among apprentices and trainees.

The distribution between the different education programmes is the same as in previous years. A total of 95 500 are in specialisation for general studies; an increase of 2 000 pupils. The number of pupils in the supplementary programme is increasing. In 2011, the number was 13 500 pupils, compared to 5 500 in 2001 and 9 000 in 2006. The supplementary programme is a one-year course for general university admission certification and is aimed at pupils from vocational education programmes. In total, 95 500 persons are attending specialisation in general studies, while 82 200 are taking a vocational education. A total of 20 600 vocational examinations were taken, with a 90 per cent pass rate; the same as the previous year.

Number of pupils attending the supplementary programme for general university admission certification. 2001-2011

Tertiary vocational schools

The number of students in tertiary vocational education remains high, at around 12 000, with male students making up 60 per cent of total students. Natural sciences , vocational and technical subjects is the largest special field, with 5 500 participants. Ninety-five per cent of these participants are men. The second largest field is Humanities and arts , with 2 600 participants. Women make up the majority in this field.

Folk high schools

The number of pupils in folk high schools is around 7 000; about the same as the previous year, and the largest group is as before - 19 year-olds.