Increased quantity, but shorter journeys
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Increased quantity, but shorter journeys

The number of passengers increased by 1.6 per cent, and transported tonnes of goods by rail experienced a growth of 3.9 per cent in 2011. The increase was in shorter journeys, so the average length of transport was reduced.

Rail transport. 2004-2011. 2004=100

Utilisation of capacity for passenger trains, by type of route. 2011

Metal ore is heavy to transport and is mainly transported over short distances. A continued growth in this segment is the main cause for the change in transport of goods. The total average length of transport was reduced from 128 to 1261 kilometres.

Passenger transport increased by almost 1 million passengers despite a six-week closure of Oslo Central Station this summer due to major construction work.

Continued growth for local trains

Despite an almost unchanged offer in transport services, measured in seat and train kilometres, local trains had a passenger growth of 2.4 per cent from 2010 to 2011. The Trondheim area is the only part of the country to experience a decrease.

Regional trains lost 1.9 per cent of their passengers. Strong competition from air traffic and operational problems caused by landslides, flooding and fire are the main reasons.

1  The figure was corrected 25 October 2012.