Decrease in national transport of goods
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Decrease in national transport of goods

In 2010, the national transport of goods by rail experienced a fall in tonnes of 4.0 per cent. A record peak in imported metal ore from Sweden caused a 19 per cent growth in the total volume of transported goods on Norwegian territory.

Utilisation of capacity for passenger trains, by type of route. 2010

Rail transport. 2004-2010. 2004=100

The national goods production by rail decreased by 250 million tonne-kilometres (9 per cent). The total average transport length was reduced from 153 to 128 kilometres.

There was only a slight growth in passenger transport (0.9 per cent).

Most passengers by local trains

A total of 83.7 per cent of all passengers travelled on local trains, and 90 per cent of these were in the Oslo district. Travels by InterCity and regional trains were significantly longer, and passenger kilometres produced by those trains were more than for local trains. Utilisation of capacity was best for regional trains, with an average above 50 per cent; almost double that of the local train figure (26 per cent).