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Carriage of goods by lorryQ4 2018



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Road goods transport by lorries
3rd quarter 2018Share3rd quarter 2018 - 3rd quarter 20133rd quarter 2018 - 3rd quarter 2017
1Loading and unloading take place in the same country but the lorry used is not registered in that country.
Road goods transport with norwegian lorries (Mill. km)507.4100.0-4.8-0.6
National transport467.692.2-2.0-0.3
International transport39.87.8-28.5-4.6
Carriage of goods on norwegian lorries (Mill. tonnes)67.0100.0-1.3-2.9
National transport65.998.4-1.1-2.8
International transport1.11.6-15.4-8.3
Carriage with norwegian lorries (Mill. tonneskm)5 691.5100.011.23.1
National transport5 121.790.015.85.0
International transport569.810.0-18.0-11.4
4th quarter 2018Share4th quarter 2018 - 4th quarter 20134th quarter 2018 - 4th quarter 2017
Carriage of goods by lorry across national border (Mill.tonnes)3.3100.01.7-7.5
Norwegian lorries1.030.6-16.0-12.8
Danish, swedish, finnish lorries1.132.9-11.4-14.2
Lorries from other the baltic countries0.413.097.010.9
Polish lorries0.310.547.711.4
2017Share2012 - 20172016 - 2017
Road goods transport by foreign lorries to/from Norway (Mill. tonnes)13.2100.043.4-1.3
Transport to/from Norway5.743.2-9-18
Cross trade transport between Norway and abroad6.045.2163.023.4
Cabotage transport in Norway11.511.6134.7-1.6