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Carriage of goods by lorryQ3 2018



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As from 16 November 2018 Road goods transport by foreign lorries, Road goods transport by Norwegian lorries and Carriage of goods by lorry are published on this site.

Road goods transport by lorries
2nd quarter 20182nd quarter 2018 - 2nd quarter 20132nd quarter 2018 - 2nd quarter 2017
1Loading and unloading take place in the same country but the lorry used is not registered in that country.
Road goods transport with norwegian lorries (Mill. km)478.4-13.2-1.2
National transport443.2-11.60.2
International transport35.2-29.3-15.8
Carriage of goods on norwegian lorries (Mill. tonnes)62.3-8.17.8
National transport61.1-8.18.0
International transport1.2-7.70.0
Carriage with norwegian lorries (Mill. tonneskm)4 932.5-9.25 161.0
National transport4 314.9-8.6-2.2
International transport617.6-13.1-17.4
3rd quarter 20183rd quarter 2018 - 3rd quarter 20133rd quarter 2018 - 3rd quarter 2017
Carriage of goods by lorry across national border (tonnes)3 170 3861.6-5.5
Norwegian lorries924 875-19.4-8.7
Danish, swedish, finnish lorries1 090 774-9.0-11.7
Lorries from other the baltic countries406 06797.111.3
Polish lorries338 54451.77.8
20172012 - 20172016 - 2017
Road goods transport by foreign lorries to/from Norway (Mill. tonnes)13.243.4-1.3
Transport to/from Norway5.7-9-18
Cross trade transport between Norway and abroad6.0163.023.4
Cabotage transport in Norway11.5134.7-1.6