Steady Norwegian share in border transport
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Carriage of goods by lorryQ4 2009



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Steady Norwegian share in border transport

The Norwegian lorries’ share of the border transport has since 2003 remained steady at 45-46 per cent. The contribution by Polish, Baltic and some other nationalities grows, while the Swedish lorries’ share is declining.

Carriage of goods by lorry across national border. Norwegian and foreign lorries. 2000-2009

Carriage of goods by lorry across national border. Share of transported quantity by nationality of lorry. 2000-2009

During 2009, more than 243 million tonnes of goods crossed the Norwegian border. This is 6 per cent less than in 2008. These figures include all modes of transport, also exports of oil and gas by ships and in pipelines. Lorries alone transported 12.8 million tonnes, 16 per cent less than the year before. 10.8 million tonnes of this was transported by lorry across the national border on road, while the remainder was transported by lorries or trailers on ferries.

The statistics do not give information on the nationality of the lorries carried by ferry. Of the goods carried across the border on road, 4.9 million tonnes were on Norwegian lorries and 5.9 million tonnes on foreign ones. The share of Norwegian lorries was just above 45 per cent, about the same as in the 6 preceding years.

The Swedish lorries’ share of the Norwegian border transport has decreased over the last few years. During the years 2001-2003 the Swedish share was just below 33 per cent, but has been falling gradually to 28 per cent in 2009. Danish and Finnish lorries have remained constant on 5-6 per cent in this period. It is the Polish, Baltic and partially also the German, Dutch, and Russian lorries that, in spite of relatively limited quantities, are expanding.

Growth in forth quarter

During the fourth quarter of 2009, 2.8 million tonnes of goods were transported across the border on road. This is a slight increase compared with the corresponding quarter the year before, and the first time in five quarters without reduction in the quantity transported. The Swedish lorries carried 26 000 tonnes of goods more across the Norwegian border in the fourth quarter of 2009 than in the fourth quarter of 2008. The Norwegian lorries on the other hand, had a fall in the tonnage carried of 32 000 tonnes. Also the Danish and Finnish lorries transported less goods to and from Norway on road in the fourth quarter of 2009 than in the corresponding period in 2008.