More transport by Norwegian lorries
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Carriage of goods by lorryQ3 2007



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More transport by Norwegian lorries

During the third quarter 2007, lorries carried 2.9 million tonnes of goods across the national border. This is 12 per cent more than in the third quarter 2006. Norwegian lorries transported 1.4 million tonnes, 14 per cent more than in the corresponding quarter last year.

The Norwegian lorries’ share of the border transport was 47.8 per cent in third quarter 2007, against 46.3 per cent in the third quarter last year. It is five years since the Norwegian lorries last time took such a big share of the border transport.

It is primarily in the transport out of the country that the Norwegian lorries increase their share. As much as 68.5 per cent of the exports were carried out by Norwegian lorries during the third quarter 2007, and only 35.1 per cent of the imports.

Swedish lorries’ share of the transport across the border dropped from 31.3 per cent in third quarter 2006 to 29.2 per cent in third quarter 2007.

These figures cover goods transported by lorries passing the national border on road. Imports and exports by lorry on ferry are not included.