Obtaining data from the population and housing census


Do you need data about population censuses in Norway, the entire population and their housing conditions? Information linked to family and households, immigration, education, employment and income? Here you will find an overview of data and variables in the population censuses that you can obtain from Statistics Norway.

To order data from the population and housing censuses, you need to complete the variable list for the population and housing censuses (Excel, in Norwegian) and select the variables you want. The list must be enclosed with the application you send to Statistics Norway to obtain data.


Population and housing censuses in Norway are well documented through statistics, publications and articles. Statistics and documentation from censuses from 2001 and dating back to the first census in 1769 are assembled on dedicated pages, and there are a number of both electronic (in Norwegian) and digitised publications. The counts for 1960–1980 are documented in SSB Rapporter 87/2 'Population and housing census 1960, 1970 and 1980. Documentation of comparable files' (in Norwegian). Also for the 1990 census, which was based on a sample of the population, more documentation is available.


The Population and housing census 2011 is the most recent official census in Norway, and was conducted in its entirety as a register-based census, i.e. based on existing registers in Statistics Norway. This means that the data for this population and housing census was retrieved from the data collections for the respective statistical areas. This applies to information about the population, including families and households, education, employment and income. Our website gives more information about continuing the statistics from the Population and housing census 2011

In addition to information about families and households that is found in all of the population and housing censuses, Statistics Norway has its own statistics on families and households, running from the statistical year of 2005. The data basis for these statistics can be found in the variable list for the population, as covered on the population home page.

In connection with the Population and housing census 2011, there is also a separate article on households, with more information on adaptations in the data basis in relation to annual statistics and in relation to other statistics.


Annual statistics are not yet available within the statistics area dwellings and households, but separate statistics on housing conditions are published as of the statistical year 2015. Refer to the home page for information and a variable list for this subject area.

Definition of documentation and variables

In the variable list, you will find links to definitions of variables and code lists for the variables that are relevant. Statistics Norway also has a web page where a number of publications and articles on the population and housing censuses are available.

For other documentation, see the respective statistical areas as linked below.

Data within other areas

You can also obtain various datasets with variables within other areas. Remember here to include all of the completed variable lists as an attachment to the application to obtain data.

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