Secure electronic exchange of data with Statistics Norway via fx.ssb.no


1. Creating a user (this is only done once)

In order to get started, you need to receive an e-mail from Statistics Norway with a link to the portal. Using the link in the e-mail, register a username and create a password. You will need these to log in later.

The e-mail looks like this:


Click on the link. This will take you to the following window:


Use the e-mail address as the username and click on Request Password. You will then receive a new e-mail.


Click on the link in this e-mail.

A page will then appear where you create your own password by clicking on Set Password – remember to keep your password for use in subsequent log-ins. Statistics Norway does not have access to this password. Note that this is the password you will always use to access your account. When you receive files, Statistics Norway also texts you a one-time password, which you need to open the relevant file(s). This one-time password is NOT the one you will use to access your account.


You have now registered as a user at fx.ssb.no and can securely exchange files with Statistics Norway.

2. Receiving data from Statistics Norway

When Statistics Norway has sent you data, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail saying ‘New Package Is Waiting’, with a link. Click on this link and you will see the log-in screen. Log in with your username and the password you chose when you registered.

For log-in problems, or if you forget your password, please contact Customer Services at Statistics Norway, at kundeservice@ssb.no or tel. (+47) 62 88 55 50.


When you have logged in, a window will appear showing the delivery from Statistics Norway. Here you will see the files. To download the files, click on Download. The files are encrypted and password protected. The password you need to open the files will be sent by text:

6-Package from

You can also log in to fx.ssb.no directly, without using the link. If Install the Upload/Download Wizard appears when you have logged in, click on Disable the Wizard. You will then see an inbox showing what Statistics Norway has sent, and you can select what you want to open. Otherwise, the files are downloaded in the same way.


3. Sending data to Statistics Norway

To send data to Statistics Norway, go to fx.ssb.no and log in using your username and password. If Install the Upload/Download Wizard appears when you have logged in, click on Disable the Wizard. You will then see this window:


Click on Send Package, and the following window will appear:


Enter the e-mail address of the recipient in Statistics Norway, and specify what the delivery relates to. Use Statistics Norway’s case number/reference. Add the files. Remember that the data you send will be encrypted. Click on Send.